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Founded in 2007, the ROCS (Regroupement des organismes culturels de Sudbury) is a coalition bringing together the seven professional francophone arts organizations from Greater Sudbury that work in the arts, culture and heritage sector.

The 2008 Summit of La Francophonie of Greater Sudbury identified the creation of a unifying cultural hub as a priority. It is in this context that the ROCS undertook the development of the Place des Arts project.

The ROCS members

  • Carrefour francophone (1950)
  • Centre franco-ontarien de folklore (1960)
  • Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario (1971)
  • Concerts La Nuit sur l’étang (1973)
  • Éditions Prise de parole (1973)
  • Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (1995)
  • Salon du livre du Grand Sudbury (2004)

ROCS Mandate

  • Facilitate dialogue and collaboration amongst its members on local and regional issues, needs or opportunities
  • Represent the francophone cultural sector at the municipal, provincial and federal level and within the community at large
  • Celebrate its members, their achievements, our local artists and their numerous performances, programs and services
  • Cultivate a tradition of mutual aid, open dialogue and sustainability of the sector

The ROCS is one voice for the arts and culture in Greater Sudbury.

Making possible and accessible quality cultural and artistic experiences, which have a lasting impact on the lives of citizens and contribute to the development and the well being of the Francophone and Greater Sudbury communities.

Place des Arts – Mission

Our Values

Those values will structure the very identity of the Place des Arts and will find their coherence in management practices and in actions that embody them with clients and partners.


Being courageous; challenge conventions and assumptions; suggest creative solutions, innovate.


Work together; join forces to achieve common goals.


Practice inclusiveness and foster dialogue; accept and respect differences; promote closer alignments.


Manage to always get better results and to use resources in an optimal way; behave professionally at all times and in all circumstances.

Respect for the environment

Commit resolutely to sustainable development both in the construction of the PdA and in its operation.

Why do we need a Place des Arts?

Because Greater Sudbury has a thriving local arts community and unique expertise in cultural development.

Because this professional community has been telling us for many years that there is a need for an arts centre geared to its quest for artistic excellence and growing audiences and participation.

Because today’s consumers and participants are looking for more engaging outings, where their creativity and sense of belonging are enhanced by memorable experiences shared with others.

Because of its strategic contribution to the redevelopment of the downtown, drawing some 50,000 people downtown yearly, mostly at night and on weekends when it needs it the most.

  • The present lack of professional cultural infrastructure in the region, as recognized by the Municipal Cultural Plan of 2014
  • The need to rationalize productions costs for cultural organizations
  • Important audience and participation growth in the last 10 years
  • The Municipal Downtown Redevelopment Strategy adopted in 2012
  • The professionalization of the arts & culture sector and the growing number of local artists
  • The role of Greater Sudbury as the “Cultural Capital” of North-Eastern Ontario, which requires local capacity to welcome tourists and visitors
  • Contribution to the quality of life and the region’s capacity to attract and retain professionals of the creative economy
  • Generated job creation and economic impacts, in line with priorities of all levels of government

An Overview of Results and Achievements since 2007

Since 2007, the ROCS (Regroupement des organismes culturels de Sudbury) members have worked to develop the Place des Arts project. Here is an overview of steps along the way.


Foundation of the coalition known under the name of ROCS, a coalition of 7 arts organizations.

Creation of a common on-line calendar, facilitating event planning and seasons’ programming.


Seven sectorial roundtables formed by the leaders of the Francophone community, amongst them the Arts, Culture and Heritage Roundtable, are formed and work for several months. These roundtables are put to task within the Francophone Community Strategic Plan process, leading to the “États-généraux” in the spring of 2008 and the adoption of a common multi-sectorial Strategic Plan.


First Annual Volunteer Celebration by the ROCS members, with more than 100 participants.


The ROCS members undertake the development of the Place des Arts project and the initial needs analysis is completed.


Completion of the Functional and Technical Program (FTP) of the future community centre.

Series of 3 workshops with architect Dennis Castellan, to work out the spatial analysis of the centre.


Community consultation, reaching out to 20 other arts, culture & heritage organizations and local artists, showing that many share ROCS members’ needs for small to medium size venues (100 to 300 seats) and production facilities.

Final report of the pre-feasibility study for the Place des Arts project. ROCS members decide to further develop the capital project, leading to the need to pursue with a formal feasibility study.

Creation of the Place des Arts Newsletter, a bilingual web-based communication tool.


Market study of the main commercial components of the capital project, under the direction of Collins-Barrow SNT.

With the Sudbury Arts Council and over 20 other local arts organizations, the ROCS is a founding member of the Creative Consortium, a coalition and a voice for the Greater Sudbury cultural sector.

Co-producer, with 5 other ROCS members, of the “Grand Rassemblement des 40 ans”, a six-event in 3-days festival celebrating La Nuit and Prise de parole 40th anniversary. This cultural tourism pilot project led to 23% of the ticket sales being sold to out-of-town participants.


The Bistro’s Business Plan is developed, with the support of NOHFC’s internship program for young professionals.

In partnership with the Sudbury Arts Council, creation of the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts and the annual Arts Awards and Bursaries for the most talented artists through the generosity of a growing number of sponsors and donors from the business community.

Marketing Campaign for Sudbury’s Biennale (Salon du livre and Foire d’art alternatif) in the Nipissing, North Eastern and Eastern Ontario and North West Quebec, bringing in hundreds of visitors to Greater Sudbury.


Completion of an independent Feasibility Study for the Place des Arts project, recommending the founding members to move forward with the completion of the project.

Decision by the seven Boards to move forward with the overall $30 M capital project.

On October 9th, the not for profit corporation called “Place des Arts of Greater Sudbury” was established by patent letters signed by 11 ROCS delegates, founding member organizations and future residents of the centre.

In November, City Council receives a request from Place des Arts for $5 M and a municipal lot located at the corner of Larch and Elgin, identified as a “Cultural Opportunity Site” in the Downtown Master Plan of 2012.


Market Study of the Major Fundraising Campaign required by the capital project ($3.75 M), under the direction of Ketchum Canada (KCI).

Cabinet recruitment, Members’ Campaign and launch of the Major Donors’ Campaign.

Outreach to Greater Sudbury’s communities and neighbourhoods to inform residents of the Place des Arts centre and engage them in the project’s success.

In December, City Council will vote on the Place des Arts investment, a decision which will leverage other funding from the provincial and federal governments, as well as incite major donors to support the capital project.


Outreach and fundraising continue and intensify.

The Ontario government and the Government of Canada confirm their support to the capital project.

Selection of a team of professionals (project managers and architects).


RFP process for the selection of a general contractor.

Capital Campaign ongoing, moving on to the Community Campaign across Greater Sudbury, Ontario and beyond.

Construction is starting.


Fundraising and construction continue.

Hiring of the founding Executive Director.


Hiring of personnel.


Place des Arts is furbished and equipped, residents move in.

Grand Opening !

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