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Executive Director, Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury

Become the first person responsible for the overall management of the largest artistic infrastructure project in French Canada.

Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury (PdA) is looking for a seasoned and trustworthy manager ready to take the helm of an arts venue that will officially open in the fall of 2020. The selected person will have the opportunity to join a competent and operational team of project founders and dedicated volunteers.

The Place des Arts’ vision is “Making possible and accessible quality cultural and artistic experiences, which have a lasting impact on the lives of citizens and contribute to the development and the well-being of the Francophone and the entire Greater Sudbury community.”

Its values are boldness (be courageous; challenge conventions and assumptions; suggest creative solutions, innovate), collaboration (work together; join forces to achieve common goals), open-mindedness (practice inclusiveness and foster dialogue; accept and respect differences; promote closer alignments), performance (manage to always get better results and to use resources in an optimal way; behave professionally at all times and in all circumstances), and respect for the environment (commit resolutely to sustainable development both in the construction of the PdA and in its operation).

This is your chance to join a vibrant community and a dynamic arts scene while using your energy, knowledge and skills to serve a project that has been in development for decades.

Candidates must have the following qualifications:

  • Ability to work with a Board of Directors, its committees and the founding organizations of the PdA, to meet their expectations and recommend strategic directions.
  • Ability to recruit, direct and motivate managers by creating a climate conducive to collegiality.
  • Proven ability to manage an arts venue with an initial budget of approximately $1.5 million.
  • Have pursued a post-secondary education in arts management or a similar field or have equivalent professional experience (minimum of 5 to 10 years of experience in managing cultural organizations or an artistic and cultural venue).
  • Have relevant prior experience.
  • Be familiar with the operation or governance of a non-profit organization, as well as with the arts and culture sector in a minority language setting in Canada.
  • Superior skills in French-language communications (especially writing) and communications skills in English.
  • Business acumen and leadership, the ability to bring people together to achieve common goals, and the ability to build trust with others.
  • Good knowledge of the government funders active in the arts and culture sector in Ontario and Canada.
  • Demonstrate autonomy, rigour, diplomacy and commitment to the PdA and the communities it serves.
  • Have strong listening skills to propose solutions to the challenges that arise.


  • Is accountable to the Board of Directors of the PdA.
  • Works with the Board of Directors and management to define the strategic directions of the PdA. This task may include the development and implementation of strategic planning that will address, among other things, the positioning of the PdA in its territory and the management of an arts venue.
  • Works with the PdA’s committees.
  • Will be required to participate actively in meetings related to the construction of the PdA (e.g. meetings of the construction committee, and with architects and contractors on the site).
  • Manages effective communications between the Board of Directors, employees, committees and volunteers of the PdA.
  • Is responsible for the sound administrative and financial management of the PdA, which includes:
    • Defining the organization’s financial objectives;
    • Establishing or revising annual operating budgets;
    • Being on the lookout for government programs that may be useful to the PdA;
    • Preparing applications for grants or funding from public or private bodies;
    • Preparing the reports associated with funding;
    • Planning and execution of self-financing initiatives.

These tasks will be carried out in collaboration with administrative management and other managers of the PdA.

  • Prepares a staffing and employee management plan for the PdA and oversees its implementation.
  • Demonstrates project development and management expertise that aligns with the purpose and vision of the PdA.
  • Oversees the preparation of a maintenance plan for the PdA’s capital assets, facilities and equipment.
  • Acts as spokesperson for the PdA. Is expected to maintain relationships with elected officials at all levels of government, including the City of Greater Sudbury, as well as public servants, the arts community, the media, donors, sponsors, educational institutions, volunteers and the public audience of the PdA.
  • Establishes profitable partnerships for the PdA and agreements with other venues.

Annual Compensation:
$75,000 to $95,000, depending on skills.

Any qualified and interested person must forward the following documents to Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury:

  • A cover letter attesting to previous skills and experience that are relevant to the position (maximum of 3 pages);
  • A resume.

These documents must be submitted in French to Stéphane Gauthier, President of the Board of Directors of Place des Arts, by 5:00 p.m., April 3, 2019, at [email protected]. For more information, including a copy of the PdA feasibility study, contact Mr. Gauthier at 705-675-6493, ext. 205, or by email at the address above.

Place des Arts will communicate with the candidates by April 19, 2019.

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