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A Centre of Excellence and a Shared Space

Place des Arts is the working name of the future Arts Centre that a group of seven francophone organizations plan to build downtown in the next few years. It’s a gathering place for Francophones and for the whole community. It’s a dream that has been passed on, from one generation to the other, amongst Greater Sudbury’s many talented artists and cultural workers, and it’s now becoming a reality!

It’s the story of our community longing for a home for modern art & culture, where we gather to share all our colours and possibilities.


Help us realize the dream of generations.

Construction has began

Work began on October 29, 2018, on the city lot and future site of Place des Arts, located at the corner of Larch/Elgin Streets and Medina Lane.

It is divided in two phases:

  • Phase 1 is the site preparation, which is now completed.
  • Phase 2 will be the construction of the building in early spring of 2019 and continue in 2020.

Projections for La Place Des Arts


Daily activities per year


People in the center per year


Users per year


Economic contribution to local GDP per year

The facilities


The Bistro is a social space where food and drinks are available, with an accent on local and regional products from the North. It’s also a venue for the performing arts, fully equipped, showcasing mostly local talents such as musicians, poets, comedians and other performers.

Preliminary drawing, Atelier Pierre Thibault (2015)

Art Gallery

A well-equipped exhibit space, paired with a contemporary art research and documentation centre, will become the permanent home of the Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (GNO).

Preliminary drawing, Atelier Pierre Thibault (2015)

Performance Space

The 300-seat main performing space will host a variety of shows in theatre, music , dance and others performing arts, as well as conferences and events such as festivals. The space is serviced by technical equipment, dressing rooms, loading dock and qualified staff.

Preliminary drawing of the Foyer of the main venue, Atelier Pierre Thibault (2015)

In the Heart of our City

Place des Arts will quickly become a flagship destination in the downtown core, bringing together Francophones and Francophiles, friends of the arts, visitors and family members of all ages with its year-around programs and activities celebrating the arts, the cultures and the languages of our local social fabric.

Preliminary drawing, Atelier Pierre Thibault (2015)

Other facilities of the Centre

Multifunctionnal Studio

This multipurpose well equipped space will be in high demand by local producers and presenters for its adaptability to all kinds of contemporary performing arts, while also serving as a rehearsal space and teaching classroom for Laurentian’s Theatre Program. It can also host banquets and other social functions for groups of 150 or less.

Photo: xMPL, Irvine, California

Specialized Gift Shop

This small shop will sell artworks and crafts, books and magazines, as well as art supplies and complementary products such as fine stationary.

Photo: All That Is Solid, Glasgow (Scotland)

Production and creativity space

Area available for younger groups to nurture creativity and facilitate the production of their own work.

Photo: Théâtre des Écuries, Montréal

Office Space

Several administrative spaces are planned for the eight resident entities, including common areas such as a kitchen, a dining room, meeting rooms, reception, etc.

Photo: Usine C, Montréal

Services in Both Official Languages

All services at Place des Arts (i.e. box office, information service, Bistro and Shop managers and floor staff, rentals, etc.) will be made available in both official languages.

Photo: Les Vulgaires Machins à La Slague

Under One Roof

The founders and future residents of Place des Arts.

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