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About us

Place des Arts is a gathering place for Francophones and for the whole community.

Place des Arts is a project by the the Regroupement des organismes culturels de Sudbury (ROCS). Founded in 2007, the ROCS is a coalition bringing together the seven professional francophone arts organizations from Greater Sudbury that work in the arts, culture and heritage sector.

The 2008 Summit of La Francophonie of Greater Sudbury identified the creation of a unifying cultural hub as a priority. It is in this context that the ROCS undertook the development of the Place des Arts project.

Place Des Arts, Sudbury ON

The founding members

ROCS Mandate

  • Facilitate dialogue and collaboration amongst its members on local and regional issues, needs or opportunities
  • Represent the francophone cultural sector at the municipal, provincial and federal level and within the community at large
  • Celebrate its members, their achievements, our local artists and their numerous performances, programs and services
  • Cultivate a tradition of mutual aid, open dialogue and sustainability of the sector

The ROCS is one voice for the arts and culture in Greater Sudbury.

Our Mission

Making possible and accessible quality cultural and artistic experiences, which have a lasting impact on the lives of citizens and contribute to the development and the well being of the Francophone and Greater Sudbury communities.

Our Values

Those values will structure the very identity of the Place des Arts and will find their coherence in management practices and in actions that embody them with clients and partners.

  • Boldness

    Being courageous; challenge conventions and assumptions; suggest creative solutions, innovate.

  • Collaboration

    Work together; join forces to achieve common goals.

  • Open-mindedness

    Practice inclusiveness and foster dialogue; accept and respect differences; promote closer alignments.

  • Performance

    Manage to always get better results and to use resources in an optimal way; behave professionally at all times and in all circumstances.

  • Respect for the environment

    Commit resolutely to sustainable development both in the construction of the PdA and in its operation.

Board of Directors

  • René Lapierre, Président
  • Alain Richard, Président-sortant
  • Raymond Guy, vice-président
  • Jacinthe Grenier, Trésorière
  • Marie-Pierre Proulx, Secrétaire
  • Stéphane Gauthier
  • Danielle Tremblay
  • Geneviève LeBlanc
  • Marie-Pierre Proulx
  • Pierre-André Kayembe-Mwaka
  • Laurie Simard
  • Cédric Bourgeois